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Specialty Pile Driving With EDTTEX Piles


Specialty Pile Driving With EDTTEX Piles

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The development of specialty piling systems has brought forth a new age in foundation technology that provides for alternative solutions when constraints exist that can drive project costs into insolvency through unknown variables that often result in additional resources and additional time. EDTTEX piles are one of these very effective alternatives. They require a specialty piling application, but provide benefits and advantages over traditional piling types in situations where conventional methods are either cost prohibitive or cannot provide adequate support. This article shows why EDTTEX piles and other specialty piles are so important.

From the moment that a project receives funding an invisible clock begins to tick inside the head of every investor, superintendent, architect, contractor, and skilled laborer on a job site. Commercial construction projects require significant amounts of investment in both time and money. Savvy investors realize that the quicker the project can “get to market”, the sooner they can begin experiencing a return on their investment.

These projects require a wide range of planning skills, from high level understanding to the most granular details. Project delays typically are not beneficial for any party involved in a busy construction market. Delays in one area can create a negative scheduling ripple effect throughout the project; which can quickly cause issues on and off the job site. Project estimators must be keenly adept at analyzing key elements on each job site to determine the full impact that variables may have on a job schedule. Skilled construction workers, unlike machinery and tools, do not sit on a shelf awaiting use; their time must be utilized as effectively as possible among projects in a logistical manner for their value to be realized.

The heart of every construction project is clearly the foundation of the structure; without a sound foundation to support its development the future of a building is in jeopardy. Soil conditions can vary wildly throughout a city, state, or nation. Foundation specialists have to fully comprehend the details of a soil’s characteristics to ensure that they prescribe the proper foundational design. Geotechnical engineers utilize a wide variety of tools and skills to properly analyze a soil’s composite. Occasionally variables exist that developers overlooked in their initial assessment that may result in additional challenges on the project.

The advent of renovating downtown urban areas has become popular in recent years. Investment groups looking for a healthy return on their investment often purchase large tracts of land in urban areas and convert existing buildings into usable space or raze the buildings and start anew. The ground under the buildings may have suffered neglect (such as old gas storage tanks) which may have tainted the soil. Contaminated soil removal and disposal costs can add hard costs and time to a budget.

By utilizing EDTTEX piles in this type of situation, project managers can save valuable time and greatly reduce costs. The EDTTEX piling system uniquely crafts a sound and stable pile underground without creating any drill spoil in the process. The system drills and compresses the contacted soil simultaneously under high torque and down pressure. The soil is displaced and the steel and concrete pipe composite piles provide support without the need to remove the displaced soil.

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