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Interesting Tale of the Pocket-Sized Washing Machine Dofti


Interesting Tale of the Pocket-Sized Washing Machine Dofti

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People setting out for long journeys will have to take exact number of clothes so that they can dress up for the occasions at their destinations. At the trip destination, they don’t have the time to find a laundry in midst of the tight engagements with various clients. However, with the arrival of a palm-sized washing device, this concept has undergone a paradigm shift. This washing device converts the sink in your accommodation into a virtual washing machine. It uses 80% less energy than that used by other electrical appliances with similar features. The device comes with a price tag of $89. Hence, it is very much affordable for the frequent travellers who have to fill their backpacks with lots of dresses. In this article, we would be looking at the features and functioning of pocket-sized washing machine.

Pocket-sized Washing Machine

A Swiss engineering lab by the name MPI Ultrasonics has designed this wonderful washing machine. This hand-held device is christened as Dofti. It uses ultrasonic technology to clean clothes when compared to a traditional washing machine that cleans mechanically. The process of cleaning using this technology is gentle on garments and takes only 30 minutes to complete. Hence, it is evidently safe to wash even those clothes that have sensitive fabrics. The hassle of finding a laundry and placing the clothes for cleaning has prompted the innovators to come up with this idea. The device requires high voltage to work and generates ultrasonic sound waves. Hence, it is not likely to come in battery-operated avatar.

Action Mechanism

The device is capable of creating ripples with ultrasonic sound waves. Therefore, the user needs to fill the sink with clothes, water and detergent powder. Subsequently, he has to place the ultrasonic device in water. When it is in operation, the device sends ultrasonic sound waves into water and creates powerful water micro-jets. As a result of constant stirring, the bubbles get formed and move towards the surface. On the surface, they implode releasing the mechanical energy. The bubbles take out all the stain and dust with them before they move up to the surface and implode. This brings all the stain and dust in the water medium. This technology is now used in large-scale in the chemical laboratories during the process of sonification. Hence, many in the industry believe that this new technology is not new. It looks like a technology spin-off from the sonification process of metal purification industry.

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