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Forex Charts – To Use Or Not To Use?


Forex Charts – To Use Or Not To Use?

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Forex trading charts are widely used by traders but not all Forex traders use the same information to determine their trades. Some use only one method, others another and a third type of Forex traders use a mixture of methods to lead them to the road to the right trade.

One method of gathering information is through what’s called technical analysis. In other words, traders who rely on technical analysis are looking at what did happen in the hopes they can tell what might happen.

Can a Forex trader successfully use technical analysis and consistently make tidy profits on their trades? Yes, some traders who use the technical analysis method do make profits with this strategy.

The charts used here are price charts, which again utilize the main three types of Forex charts. Those three main charts are the Forex candlestick charts, the Forex bar charts and the Forex line charts.

Traders who base their trades on technical analysis study these main Forex charts by spotting trends. There are up trends on Forex charts and then there are down trends. The up or the down is based on the currency price.

The Forex traders who use technical analysis follow these trends on the Forex charts and then they try to decide what that trend is going to do. Hazarding a guess about the future of the Forex based on charts may seem unwise to some, but it has worked in the past.Then there are Forex traders who pay attention to Forex news and use what’s going on around the world to decide how to trade. For instance, if there was a political uprising in one country, it might cause that country’s currency to go up, but then again, it might cause it to go down instead.

These Forex traders do not usually rely on charts at all, but choose to base their financial movements on what they see and hear. This method has also worked in the past for some traders.

Finally, there are Forex traders who employ a mixture of both Forex charts (technical analysis) and political and economic happenings around the world (fundamental analysis). This method has worked as well.

Whether you choose to use Forex charts or leave them to the other trader, whatever method you land on, you can make it work for you. If you choose to use Forex charts, you can find these charts online by doing a search for Forex charts or you can discuss it with your broker. Ask your broker what Forex charts he recommends.

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